I like peanut butter


When I was younger, drawing was a pleasant distraction from the things I was supposed to be focusing on. Even though I enjoyed it, I was rarely motivated to do more than little technical sketches of machines. About halfway through high school, I got mono followed by an immune disorder (ME/CFS) that completely changed my life. It forced me to drop out of high school and eventually wrenched me from my aspirations of becoming a welder, industrial engineer, machinist, and eventurally an aircraft mechanic too.

Regardless, I kept machining and woodworking on my own time. I started a sharpening business to support myself. Towards the end of 2017, the world of drawings, design, and watercolor started to absorb my focus. Just as woodworking and machining do, drawing takes me to a place of peaceful concentration and happiness. Unlike most occupations, I can draw many hours a day without hurting myself. While my physical limitations sometimes just feel like a burden, they often inspire me to confront my reservations and find a way to make the best of what I do have.

And here we are–a website of the things made by me, Dylan Rathkamp. The name Aerialcopper belongs to the crow symbol I put on the things I make. Above all, I hope my work inspires you, too-

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