Hello- We’re back online! Where I left off, planning in early 2020:

I thought I'd try to spend more time goofing off with friends.

The year had something different in mind, so I revised my plan to goofing off alone in the woods:

As the pandemic wore on we all went up and down the heirarchy of needs. Among the casualties was this website and the poor computer that used to edit it. The unfinished shavehorse pieces very nearly went into the woodstove. Other times a sweet potato was the best thing that happened in a day:

I was isolated for a few weeks with my girlfriend after my mom had to go to the hospital. My girlfriend got strep throat from stress and getting by on lame food. I drew this when she got better:

She worked from home through everything. I don’t think she missed a day.

We’ve wanted a farm with some ducks specifically for a while at this point. And, friends, we GOT ONE!

The small peaceful apartment projects have been largely replaced by noisy farm ones at the end of a 10 AWG extension cord. I’m having a good time. I’ll share them going forward; I once again have a good functioning website-makin’ machine and a low budget cell phone camera. Stop me! ;)

Yours intermittently but far from gone,