I’m back!

A week ago, I had an impromptou meeting with an art gallery owner to share some of the things I’ve made. The gallery itself had a very engaging and consistent aesthetic. I met Alexei out on the sidewalk, told him a little about myself, and he said he’d like to see my work. I ran up to my apartment a block away to grab a few things I’ve made and drawn. I’ve read a dozen times to maintain professional attitude as artist, but frankly I’d rather spend my time drawing and machining than playing dress up. It’ll probably be the ruin of me.

He told me a bit about his past–he used to do manual drafting (!) for Disney and Mattel. We agreed my work didn’t quite fit the style of Ruckus, but he suggested I could do a public demonstration of a manual process like sharpening out front some weekend.

He also gave me some very simple and helpful suggestions for improving my 2d work. I slept on it, and by the next day I had a very clear vision for what I wanted to do for public demonstration. At this stuff tends to go, it feels like it’s been in the making a long time.

I want to do traditional canvas work, hand sewing. I am obsessed with the tools, the (surely romanticized) history, the manilla rope and cotton canvas, callouses and saltwater, well-worn hardwood implements…

I haven’t pitched it to Alexei yet, but I’m so excited to pursue this that I’ll find another venue if he has something else in mind. I’m pretty well outfitted for making canvaswork tools as well- I think they might be desirable to others too. SO many high-end knife manufacturers now, are we ready as a society to venture into other pretty little hand tools?

Another old and wise spirit in my life suggested using my imagination to see exactly where I want to be in a few years. She says, if I do genuinely want my vision, it will come to me. In the mean time, I have a pencil and sketchbook.