My friend Jiali texted me about a drawing event downtown that was looking for volunteers. She didn’t know much about it besides the place and time and that paper was provided. I showed up, sat down at Jiali’s table, and sketched the scene-

I wanted to capture the huge glass storefront, which had a pleasant glow of afternoon light coming through it. I made more of a thumbnail than anything, but I’m happy to have a souvenier :)

Patrons would come in, buy tickets, walk around to the different artists’ tables where they could exchange tickets for 10 min sketches. The money went to a charity. I would have prepared a theme of sketches to display in hindsight, but instead I just doodled and watched how artists would tell their stories and connect with patrons. I also met with a bunch of the artists at the end of the night. While I didn’t participate much, I had a good time and learned so much.

This was the other doodle I did-

I’m moving house and will be offline for a week or two- till next time-