I wanted to practice with a wet page, vague strokes. Recently, I take my camera and sketchbook with me when I bike (most evenings) and catch a few scenes for reference. I also try to capture the gist of scenes that give me a nice feeling, nice compositions. A painting made by a human can capture those feelings so well; the prospect of being able to give those feelings to someone else is what inspires me to absorb the details and practice.

I also just look out my window and use that for reference. The two bright cloud sketches are from there.

Quintessential NW sky. The paper buckled under all the water like an LA native ;) It’s amazing to me how watercolor is so suited to portraying natural world, I just have to stay out of its way. I suppose both watercolors and nature rely heavily on diffusion and water to do their thing–it might not be such a coincidence.